Getting around Coruña is a breeze, but finding information to explore the surrounding areas can be a challenge on the internet. Many apps like Google Maps and Moovit often provide incomplete or inaccurate information.
Moving around
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If you want to travel within the city, you can take the red buses operated by Tranvías Coruña.

For travel in the surrounding areas, close to the city, you should use the buses provided by ALSA.

If your destination is further from the city, you'll depend on either Arriva or Monbus, based on your specific destination.

In addition to these options, there are the railways, each with its unique features, including RENFE and FEVE.

Relevant APPs

Transportation Company Description Bus Color(s) App
Transvías Coruña Local bus company serving the city and surrounding areas. tranvias coruna Android - IOS
ALSA Regional (Metropolitan Transport) Provides metropolitan transport in Coruña, connecting the city with its neighboring municipalities to the north and east of A Coruña. alsa regional Android - IOS
Arriva (Arteixo and Metropolitano) Operates urban transportation in Arteixo and provides connections between Arteixo and Coruña, along with other regional lines. arriva Android - IOS
Monbus (Medium Distance) Operates regional bus services, ideal for exploring areas beyond the city. monbus Website only
Renfe Spain's national railway company with train services connecting Coruña to other cities. - Android - IOS
FEVE Ferrocarriles de Vía Estrecha, offering narrow-gauge railway connections within the province. - No official app for Galician region, only 3rd-party apps showing schedules (Look for "Horarios FEVE"). Can't buy tickets online.
Transporte Público de Galicia It gathers all the information about bus lines from the Xunta de Galicia (excluding urban and metropolitan buses, as they are provided by other entities), but there is no bus tracking, delays, or anything similar. The app is not terrible, but it is certainly in need of improvement as the information is not displayed clearly. - Android - IOS - Website