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Finding Job Opportunities

In Spain, most jobs outside of the IT industry require proficiency in Spanish, and even many IT jobs require it as well. It's not common to find people who are fluent in English in most workplaces. While some people may challenge this claim if you ask in forums, it's generally true.

Financially, remote jobs pay more than local jobs because the cost of renting relative to local salaries is bad in Spain.

Platforms like allow companies to hire employees who live in Spain without establishing a local company, and the employee is still covered by local legislation.

The downside of a remote job is that you won't have the opportunity to socialize with local workers, so you'll need to find other ways to meet people. For this very issue, you can check out our events calendar.

I can't speak spanish fluently

If you do not have conversational spanish, then you're mostly limited to (some) IT jobs, and remote-wok. It may be possible to wait tables in some places, but expect very low paid, long hours.

For jobs that do not require qualifications (such as waiter, or store clerk), I would be inclined to look near the port, as many liners and tourists walk through that area, and local businesses may find it useful to have employees who speak other languages, even if they have difficulty with Spanish.

I do speak spanish fluently

Coruña is not great in terms of job opportunities relative to its size. If you come here expecting to find a job right away, it's very unlikely, this is not like the really touristic places in the mediterraean, where you can get by working for the tourist industry.

In any case, the previous paragraph also applies. If in addition to a foreign language you speak Spanish, even better, of course.

Main Job listings / Agencies

URL Description
Manfred Probably the best IT-related recruiting agency in the area. Located in A Coruña, but managing offers from all over Spain.
Infojobs It is probably the portal where most jobs of all categories are listed.
Tecnoempleo Tecnoempleo is another portal similar to Infojobs for IT-related jobs. There is a huge variability among the offers listed, as it is also relatively popular.
Indeed Indeed is less well known in Spain than Infojobs, but it also has many offers in all kinds of categories.

This does not exclude LinkedIn or any social network relevant to your profession.

Finding Coworking Spaces

Just type in "coworking" in Google Maps and you will get lots of spaces from small companies that offer such service, usually between 90€ and 200€ per month, depending on whether you want a fixed desk, and the services they offer.

In A Coruña there is also a Banco Santander location called Work Café Santander, which offers a free coworking space for remote work, although there are few workstations with plugs available, a higher than usual noise level, and naturally, you will be invited to become a client of the bank with relative insistence.

This space includes meeting rooms for clients, as well as a food and beverage offer at the entrance, which can be consumed by anyone, bank client or not.

Another option is to use the large network of municipal libraries, as well as a provincial library and a Galician government library.

Despite being libraries, there is usually a considerable level of noise, and the wifi is slow and choppy, so you will find yourself using your mobile data. There are a lot of them, and they have plenty of seating space.

All these options can be easily found on google maps by typing "Biblioteca" or "Centro Cívico".